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General Services

We are a fully equipped facility offering wellness exams and vaccinations, surgeries (including orthopedics, spay and neutering) mass removals, dental procedures and emergency procedures. We have x-ray capability and a full in-house laboratory. We offer senior care, plus a wide variety of other services (please see the list below for details). We have a full selection of flea and heartworm medication, a stocked pharmacy, as well as prescription diets. All products are sold to our clients at competitive prices with a full guarantee. We also offer a wider variety of medications through a fully accredited online veterinary pharmacy, Vets First Choice.

Wellness Vaccination Programs

Our wellness and vaccination programs are designed to prevent disease and prolong the lives of your companion animals. Disease prevention is always less costly than dealing with the treatment of a disease. An example would be the treatment of Parvovirus. Parvovirus treatment can frequently run into the thousands. The series of vaccine injections to prevent Parvo and Distemper cost under $250.00(this does not include kennel cough vaccine and rabies vaccine).

Early diagnosis of a disease process can lead your pet to a longer healthier life. Kidney disease, if diagnosed early, will allow us to modify your dog or cat's diet and in some cases add supplements to their diet that can extend their lives. There are many conditions to which an early diagnosis is advantageous.

Puppy Wellness

Puppy vaccinations and puppy visits usually start at six weeks of age. When you adopt a puppy please bring a written record from the breeder or rescue group so we can determine what vaccines and dewormings are due. We generally see puppies at six, nine, twelve and sixteen weeks of age. Puppies get a physical each visit. They will be checked for intestinal parasites, fleas, earmites etc. The age, breed and lifestyle of your pet will determine what vaccines will be administered. We will also discuss housebreaking, training, grooming, feeding, heartworms and heartworm preventative plus spaying or neutering. Please bring a stool sample each visit, your puppy will appreciate it.

Kitten Wellness

Kitten vaccinations and kitten visits usually start at six weeks of age. When you adopt a kitten please bring a written record from the breeder or rescue group so we can determine what vaccines, deworming and tests are due. We generally see kittens at six, nine, twelve and sixteen weeks of age. Kittens should be tested for Feline Leukemia and FIV on the first visit. Kittens will get a physical each visit, a fecal exam (please bring a sample, one from the liter box is fine) checked for fleas, and checked for earmites etc. The age, breed and lifestyle will determine what vaccine protocol your kitten will receive. We also discuss litter pan training, grooming, feeding, flea and heartworm control and spaying or neutering.

Medical Services

Nicks Veterinary Hospital is equipped to deal with a variety of medical conditions your pet may experience. We hope we do not have to see you or your pet for an emergency but if we do, we are able to handle the situation. In some cases, your pet may require hospitalization and further diagnostic tests. We also have Specialty and Emergency Clinics close by if referral is necessary. Our website describes the medical services we offer in more detail.

  • Laser Therapy
  • Complete Medical Assessment
  • Radiology (X-rays)
  • Dentistry
  • Dermatology (Skin)
  • Obesity
  • Flea & Tick Control/Heartworm Treatment & Prevention

    Surgical Services

    animal hospital charlotte, nc  vet

    We provide full surgical services at our clinic including routine spay and neuters, soft-tissue, and some orthopedic surgeries.

    animal hospital charlotte, nc  vet
    Pain Management

    We know that pain management is a great concern for pet owners today. Luckily, we now have a variety of pain medications to suit your pet's needs. We also offer class IV laser therapy. Please call and schedule an appointment if you would like to discuss these options.

    Microchip Pet Identification

    Microchipping has become a very popular and safe way to permanently identify your pet and you as the owner in the unfortunate case that your pet is lost. Microchipping involves placement of a small uniquely coded chip, the size and shape of a piece of rice just under the skin in the neck area. A needle is used to inject the chip. The injection is comparable to a regular vaccine injection.

    If your pet becomes lost and is transported to a humane society or animal caontrol, they will be able to scan your pet for the chip and contact you. The scanner is similar to a scanner found in the grocery store.

    We advise you to use this system of identification as well as a collar identification system on your pet.


    animal hospital charlotte, nc  vet animal hospital charlotte, nc  vet

    Our practice offers laser therapy treatment. Non-evasive therapy with applications ranging from Osteoarthritis, wound and surgical sites and for trauma. Click here to learn more.

  • Drug Free
  • Surgery Free
  • Pain Free

    Pet Health ID Cards


    Now through our friends at VetScene, we're offering Pet Health ID Cards with a record of current vaccinations.

    Pet Insurance

    Health care costs are continuing to rise, both human and animal. With pet insurance, you get a peace of mind that comes with knowing you have options for your pet's veterinary care, routine and emergency.

    There are lots of companies to choose from and we ask that you do your research to find the company that best fits your needs. We want you to get the most for your money, so please call if you have questions about cost and estimates for the future. We will also do our best to complete the claim forms you provide in a timely manner so you can be reimbursed as soon as possible.