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Meet Our Veterinarians

Dr. Barbara L Nicks

animal hospital charlotte, nc  vet

Dr. Nicks grew up in Elkin, NC with two sisters, one older and one younger. Her undergraduate studies were at NCSU. Completing her studies prior to NCSU having a College of Veterinary Medicine, she was contracted to study in Oklahoma and she received her degree from Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine in Stillwarer, Oklahoma.

After graduation, she worked at a practice in Concord then spent almost ten years with Parker Veterinary Hospital in Charlotte, NC. In 1989 she opened Nicks Veterinary Hospital at this current and only location.

animal hospital charlotte, nc  vet

Although Dr. Nicks only practices small animal medicine, she also uses her surgical talents to help the Carolina Raptor Center. Dr. Nicks also helps out CMACC and the volunteer sponsored Second Chance fund.

Dr. Nicks is the fourth in a long veterinary dynasty. Her grandfather Dr. C.E. Nicks and father Dr. R.E. Nicks, both practiced veterinary medicine in the Elkin area. An uncle, Dr. Eugene Nicks was an agricultural veterinarian for a pharmaceutical company. Dr. Barbara Nicks is the only Dr. Nicks still in practice. Early childhood memories are rich with veterinary stories about cases and farm calls. At family gatherings, a call out for "Dr. Nicks" will get multiple responses.

animal hospital charlotte, nc  vet

Home for Dr. Nicks is about an hour outside Charlotte on a small farm with three dogs, 3 cats and 6 horses that range in age from 4 to 28 years of age. Her love of horses is a phase he parents still hope she will outgrow! Most of her free time is spent on farm maintenance and lavishing attention on her pets.


animal hospital charlotte, nc  vet

Gerry has been with NVH since 2000.She graduated from Pembroke State University. She worked in the Human Medical field, then at CMACC for seven plus years. Her love of animals and variety of animal related experiences brought her here. We are fortunate to be able to take advantage of her diverse experience and knowledge. She speaks "little dog" fluently. Gerry and Lori share their home in Union County with a herd of dogs, quite a few cats and one pot bellied pig.

Kathy Jacobs

animal hospital charlotte, nc  vet

Kathy keeps our kennels in top shape and assists as needed throughout the hospital. Her love of animals is obvious. In 2006, she started out as a part-time assistant and quickly found a full time position. She loves to pamper the pets here as well as the ones her and her husband own at home.

She has two children that have grown up "helping" around the clinic. Kathy and her family reside in Gastonia NC.

Shaara Vaughan

animal hospital charlotte, nc  vet

Shaara started working here in the summer of 1996. After attending NCSU she worked at the original Veterinary Specialist/Emergency clinic on Torrence Ave. A rarity in our profession she has only two dogs, both being Gordon Setters. Her artistic skills can be seen throughout our hospital. Shaara and her husband live in Charlotte.

Kym Conner-McCormick

animal hospital charlotte, nc  vet

Kym Started as a part-time employee on weekends in 1990 and came on board full time in the fall of 1993. She followed her love of animals from the kennel to the reception and front office. A childhood love of horses was rekindled by a friendship with Dr. Nicks that she has passed along to her daughter. She too shares her home with a menagerie of animals including horses, goats, dogs and cats. She rarely arrives to work without at least one dog. Kym and her family live on a small farm in York Co.